Sunday, May 6, 2018

Hall's Island Redux

I took a walk up to the Plymouth Bridge the last week of April to check what progress has been made in the makeover of Hall's Island.  Sometime in the middle of winter Hall's Island actually became an island again.  The work on undoing the destruction of past industry is moving forward.  I love that the city is recreating habitat for birds and wildlife.

The first trees are waiting to be planted.  Eventually there will be a pedestrian bridge to the island but for now it is off limits to people while they reestablish vegetation suitable to attract the new residents.
 These interesting looking black birds were near the Hall's Island site.  I've either never seen these before on the Mississippi River or I just didn't notice them before.  They look like a small black duck in the water but when they get out they have more of a chicken-like body.  American Coot or sometimes called mud hens, they have the most interesting feet.  They look something like some strange seaweed attachment.  I got as close as they would allow me to take a picture but eventually they took off running across the water before they finally got airborne.

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